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Go Beyond Basic Org Charts

And use a proven process used by world leaders from top-level organizations.

Our boutique firm only consists of senior leaders with actual executive-level experience.

Develop an organizational design that is backed by data to ensure systematic, predictable results.

Quickly identify issues holding you back and build solutions that will drive long-term business performance.

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Advantages of Using an Organizational Design Company

Real-world issues can only be solved with real-world experience

Seasoned Professionals

Rearranging org charts is a poor substitute for true organizational design, which is why most “re orgs” fail. Speak to a business consultant with real-world executive experience and proven success with some of the largest employers in the world.


Experienced professionals dig past surface-level issues to identify barriers to success at the source - this enables you to develop lasting solutions for your business.

Predictable Outcomes

Having facilitated more than 1,800+ organizational transformation projects, Navalent’s team of seasoned business consultants will provide you with proven insights for success.

Adapt to

Collaborating with you on every step of your journey, we will provide you with the tools and knowledge to effectively design and transition to your new organization - and maintain profitable results over the long-term.

Reclaim Wasted Capacity

Uncover inefficiencies and duplicated efforts and streamline your organization, so you can properly support functions and be sure people are focused on your most competitive work and top priorities.


Go beyond the usual “re-org on the back of a napkin” approach - get an organization design that sticks throughout all departments and core functions of your business.

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Eliminate Barriers to Success
Avoid quick-fix solutions to organizational issues and uncover the real roadblocks to business growth.

Work with a veteran team of organizational design consultants who will help you dig past your business’s surface issues and provide you with the tools and insights to achieve long-term success.

A Critical, Deep Diagnostic Process

Gain deeper insight into your organization’s capabilities, strengths, challenges, current state of effectiveness and performance gaps with a thorough diagnostic assessment. 

Getting to the root causes of organizational issues, we will help you and your leadership team create a clear strategic mandate and define design criteria that your organization needs to meet, and achieve, its business objectives. 

The Answer is Sitting Next to You

The people best able to design your organization are your leaders.

Using a facilitated, collaborative approach to organizational design that is customized to your business, our business consultants will guide you and your executive team to evaluate options, make critical choices & trade-offs, and align on a design that will drive business performance. 


Solving Those Nasty, Recurring Issues

Friction between departments, recurring performance issues, and an organization’s inability to deliver on its strategy can all hinder business performance.

Through a five-phase approach to organizational design, our business consultants will work with you to integrate all aspects of your business – your people, information, technology, processes and structure – enabling you to compete in your market at the highest level.

A Cohesive Approach

Fully align your organization at every level. 

During the design process, we will guide you to look at your organization in its entirety – its hardware & software – at the strategic & operational levels, so that all components work together harmoniously and your organization can achieve the success it deserves. 

Rehearse The Future

Real, deep, and long-lasting change can be a daunting proposition – thankfully you can test drive your new org design before you change critical business functions.

Once your design is scoped out, we can bring your organization together for an in-depth simulation, where you can practice new functions in real-time before rolling out company-wide.

Plan for Change
Rapid growth has led to your old operating model being outdated, and now your business needs to re-align its strategy to stay competitive.

Or maybe you need to reduce costs and redesign a more nimble organization to keep up with a changing marketplace…

No matter what your org design needs, our veteran team of senior consultants will provide you with the tools to anticipate change and effectively manage challenges in even the most complex organizations.

Implement a New Design

Our work doesn’t end once you have a new design. We are here to guide you to ensure that it’s successfully implemented – which means getting your organization to embrace it and live it. 

To ensure a smooth transition, our team will help you develop a communication strategy, implementation & change management plan – Your leaders will be equipped with the knowledge & tools to execute the new design over the long-term.

Navigate Mergers & Acquisitions

Integrate new teams and departments efficiently and effectively. 

Navalent will help you develop a high engagement integration plan that will allow your business to deliver the value promised to all stakeholders and provide your organization with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

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