Jump starting major change by planting the seeds of great ideas that blossom into action

Your Challenge

You are looking for a great keynote/plenary/presentation for that annual leadership meeting, offsite, or conference you are planning, and want to make sure the content sticks, and that people are energized by a relevant and timely message.

Our Solution:

Unlike speakers that give the same off-the-shelf canned presentations, Navalent speakers contextualize our ideas and research to your audience and needs. We’ll work with you to plan the content and message to ensure maximum impact on your agenda. We’ve all seen what happens after the mountaintop offsite experience and motivational speaker fades when people head back to the real world. We avoid that by making sure our messages set the stage for tangible actions alongside an energizing and thought-provoking message.

Topics we can tailor for you include:

Let us make your next event unforgettable!



Let us make your next event unforgettable!

Speak to a Navalent consultant now about your need for a speaker and make your event a raving success.