Several things set us apart as thinkers and doers in the space of transformation…

We are business people first … leadership, organization, and strategy experts second.

While we bring deep expertise to guide your change, we start by first understanding your business and then determining how to meet the demands for competing and succeeding in your niches.

We believe that all great transformation begins with diagnosis.

We know you think you know what’s wrong when you call us but, like a good physician, we’ll ask you to back away from your WebMD search and let us generate a powerful diagnosis that may confirm some of your hypotheses, set a few on their heads, reveal insights you’d not considered, and help us build a path forward to accelerate time to impact.

Our relationship with you is the foundation of our impact.

Unlike consultants who arrive with “answers,” we form deep and lasting partnerships with our clients that allow you to thrive and grow during transformation. When you see us on your calendar or in your caller ID, we want you to be eager to connect with us. And we build every relationship with that in mind.

We search for the answer “within your room.”

Sure, we’re smart – we’ve been doing this for years. And we’re smart enough to know that real, lasting change comes mostly from within the organization, not imposed from the outside. We learn and work with your people within your business context, then apply our expertise – not the other way around. We know there are unsurfaced insights right under your nose, and we’ll find them.

We know that real transformation (personal and collective) is hard.

There’s no candy-coating it, sometimes you ARE part of the problem – or at least the approach you’ve taken is. You need a reality check and we promise to deliver candid, constructive feedback to elevate your performance and leadership throughout our work.

How we get there…

At the same time, we believe change must happen on these three domains simultaneously. It needs to occur within individual leaders; between leaders, departments, and functions; and among the entire organization by way of processes, culture, and values. When these transformations are synchronized, everyone becomes invested in making change work.

It all adds up to an organization that consistently delivers on the promises it makes.

Meet Our Experts

We help you articulate a strategy for your enterprise. Then we help you design the organization you need to translate that strategy into results.